How to flip reset in Rocket League

A tough mechanic to master.

Image via Psyonix

Flip resets in Rocket League are a flashy, but incredibly difficult mechanic to pull off. However, pulling a flip reset off can help you take the ball directly to the net and finish off an incredible goal. So, how can you pull of a flip reset in Rocket League? Let’s go over what you need to know, plus some tips to help get you there.

First off, you’ll want to push the ball up from underneath from the wall. Then, and this is important to note, you should make sure that you give yourself plenty of space between your vehicle and the ball. A helpful tip, courtesy of one YouTuber, is to brake while jumping into the air. While this will cut off the speed of your vehicle, it will provide you with that space.

Now, this is when things get really tricky. The goal, once you’re in the air, is to time the contact with the ball just right. In order to properly to do a flip reset, you need to make sure that the underside of the car is aligned with the ball when you make contact with the ball. When you do this, the ball will then need to hit the middle of the underside.

Once the ball makes contact with this side of the ball, a sort-of imaginary “switch” will activate on your vehicle. You can’t see this switch, but once the ball makes contact with this part of the car, the vehicle will automatically reset.

Another tip from YouTuber Virge is this: try doing this by flying to the ball upside down. Also, it’s also helpful, for alignment purposes, to fly directly towards the ball. This should help ensure that you hit the ball square on the reset switch of the vehicle.