How to get 20th Anniversary Cape and Outfit in Runescape

Time to pick up some new threads for the party.

Runescape is celebrating 20 years of questing, PvP, grinding, and more with the Grand Party. This will feature plenty of different events for players to enjoy and, of course, tons of ways to pick up some extra XP and other goodies. Along with that, if you don’t have anything to wear to the celebration, you can actually grab the 20th Anniversary Cape and Outfit.

Where do I find this outfit?

All players will be able to get this outfit for free as part of the celebration. What you need to do is head to the Lumbridge Crater, located to the South-East of the Lumbridge Castle. Here you will see some of the classic Runescape characters preparing for the celebration. Talk to the Wise Old Man on the center platform and he will give you your outfit.

To access the outfit you will need to open up your wardrobe. Click on the mask in the bottom right corner and then click on the Wardrobe tab on the cosmetics window. You will then see your 20th Anniversary cosmetic set.