How to get a celebration cake in Runescape

Mind the sugar coma afterward.

Image via Jagex

Believe it or not, World of Warcraft was not the first MMO in town. Several have come and gone over the last two decades, but Runescape is still going strong, celebrating its 20th anniversary with a plethora of quests, XP boosts, and a special outfit. No party is complete without cake, though, and we’ll show you how to get your hands on a celebration cake to truly enjoy this anniversary.

The celebration cake is an item you can get from Diango, the April Fools’ joke vendor who became a permanent fixture in Draynor Village. You can also purchase this from Azibo’s Toy Store or Party Pete’s Emporium, and each vendor sells the cake from 150 coins.

Your party isn’t over once you’ve purchased the cake, though. Make sure you also buy ten celebration candles, which you can get from the same vendor who sold you the cake. Add each candle to the cake, and your item will change to a “Celebration cake (unlit).” Use your tinderbox to complete the cake and get yourself a “Celebration cake (lit)”.

If you’ve played Runescape for a while, you might recognize the look of this cake from the 10th anniversary, but this one is colored differently and, more importantly, you can eat it. You’ll gain 200 life points after gobbling it down, along with a serious spike in blood sugar. The cake also comes with its own /Celebrate emote, so don’t forget to work off those carbs and keep on dancing.