How to get a Holiday 2021 Pack in Rainbow Six Siege

Earn a new Operator for free.


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Over the holiday season, Ubisoft gave Rainbow Six Siege players one of the best rewards the game gets each year. Holiday Packs are the best packs in the game, and the Holiday 2021 Pack is no exception. This guide will explain how to get one of these packs and what they give you when you open them.

Load up the game

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All players are given a Holiday 2021 Pack in Rainbow Six Siege. You can claim yours by loading the game and entering the pack menu. This is where all of your other packs from the game are stored, and there should be a new one in your inventory. It looks like a Christmas stocking, and the reward is about as good as the presents you’d find in a real one.

How do Holiday 2021 Packs work?

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When you open your Holiday 2021 Pack, you’ll either be given an Operator from past years that you don’t already own or a Legendary outfit for one of your Operators. This is one of the few times it pays not to own all the Operators in the game. In last year’s Holiday 2020 Pack, we got Nokk, and this year we got Gridlock. Even if you own every Operator, you’re guaranteed to get an item you don’t own from these packs. Once you’ve opened the pack, there’s no way to get another one for the same account.