How to get a Holiday 2020 Pack in Rainbow Six Siege

Don’t miss your chance to pick up a new Operator or some fancy festive skins


For the past couple of years, Ubisoft has offered players a little bonus around Christmas in the form of a Holiday Pack, and this year is no different. In this guide, we’ll cover exactly how you can get your Holiday 2020 Pack in Rainbow Six Siege and what you might get.

Check Your Packs

All you need to do to claim your Holiday 2020 Pack is load up Rainbow Six Siege. You should notice that you’ve got a new pack to open in your inventory. Some of you may have two, and we’ll get to the reason why later in this guide.

Missing Packs

You may have picked up on the news of the Holiday 2020 Pack a little early. Some players have reported getting a notification for the pack before it dropped in their inventory. Thankfully, if you restart the game, the pack seems to appear.

Two Types of Reward

As mentioned earlier, some of you might have two Holiday 2020 Packs to open, while others only have one. The reason for this is down to the number of Operators you have.

If you don’t have all of the Operators in the game, this pack will award you one you don’t own. It’s a special treat from Ubisoft that allows you to earn a new character to play without grinding for in-game cash or paying through the nose.

Those players who have every Operator will find that they have two Holiday 2020 Packs this year. Opening them will award you Epic cosmetic items for one of the Operators you own. Of course, they’ll be part of the Holiday 2020 collection.