How to get a horse in V Rising

The best companion for your adventures.

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The world of V Rising is immense, and there is a lot to traverse while discovering the ever-changing lands. Hence, it’s best to get a horse for yourself to help you cover long distances. Although usually available readily, some might struggle to get their personal horse.

Where to find a horse in V Rising

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Getting a horse in V Rising is pretty straightforward, and you can find plenty in the Dunley Farmlands area of the game. If you are still struggling to spot one, travel to the western or eastern Militia Encampments, and you should be able to get a horse.

Once you spot a horse, go near it and mount the horse by pressing ‘F.’ You will now be able to ride it and control it as desired. However, be sure to Fast Travel to your Castle via a Waygate, and the horse will be tamed.

Each horse in the game has three attributes Max Speed, Acceleration, and Turning Speed. Whenever a horse spawns, it will have random stats. Hence, you might need to try several horses before landing the ideal one. It’s worth noting that you’ll only be able to check a horse’s stats when you mount it. Once a horse has been tamed, you’ll be able to name and customize it.

To control your horse, use the general direction keys and make it sprint by pressing the spacebar. You won’t be able to utilize abilities or weapons when mounted, but you will be able to use melee attacks.

Your hose will need water from time to time to stay alive. When near your horse, press the tab key to open its inventory, where you’ll see three slots for Water-filled Canteens. A single Water-filled Canteen will last 7 hours, so make sure to refill the inventory when it’s empty, ensuring your horse doesn’t go thirsty. To craft an empty Canteen, you’ll need 4x Leather and 20x Plant Fiber. Once crafted, go near any water body and use the empty Canteen to stock up on water.