How to get leather in V Rising

Leather and vampires go hand in hand.

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V Rising takes on the ever-evolving survival genre with its twists and gameplay mechanics. The game lets players create their idealized version of Dracula and head out into a world full of creatures, bosses, and other would-be Alucard’s. Crafting and building your custom vampire sanctuary is a significant component of gameplay. Leather is a valuable resource, and this guide will run down what it takes to craft it.

Build your heart

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To begin crafting leather, an essential mid-game resource, you have quite a few steps to get your hands on it. The first step is to keep following the basic questline V Rising presents to you through the entire game experience. Doing this tutorial will eventually have you build your own castle.

This castle heart will be critical as it powers every structure within your castle borders. Keep following the basic questline until the game instructs you to build a blood altar.

Hunting Keely

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Once you build the blood altar, it will allow you to begin tracking various bosses and performing blood hunts. These unique world bosses contain an ultimate ability and will also unlock various upgrades you can build at your home base.

To unlock the Tannery, which is needed to convert animal hides into leather, you must find and defeat Keely. This boss is level 20, and Keely is a ranger with powerful ranged attacks. Ensure to have some upgraded armor before you attempt to take Keely on. Find her North of the eastern spawn point. The map above shows the approximate location. Once you defeat Keely, head back to your castle and build the new Tannery station.

Once the Tannery is complete, dump all of that animal hide you have stored up to this point and begin hoarding all of the leather you want.