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How to get a private island in Albion Online

Cruise to the offshore tax haven of your dreams.
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When you are ready for Albion Online’s endgame, one of the final landmarks is setting up a private island where you can utilize farming and laborers to generate passive income and steadily improve your supplies. Getting a private island is actually very straightforward, it has only two parts: visit a vendor, and have enough money.

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Buying your island

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In the screenshot above, you can see the Island Merchant menu. You can find the Island Merchant near the market in any major city, such as this one in Bridgewatch. Simply select your plot of land and purchase the Island. The cost of islands fluctuates but is generally trivial. In this example, the island cost was 17,662 silver, which we can earn in just one run of a mere Tier 4 Dungeon, or in one Arena win. To get an island, click purchase, and it is yours. There is a catch, though — to buy an island, you need to be on a premium account.

Affording your island

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To buy your Island, you need to purchase at least one month of premium on the character you want to buy your island with. To buy premium, you can pay with two kinds of currency, either gold or silver, as shown in the screenshot above. To fast-track your way to the island life, you can bust out your wallet and buy gold. But if you’re ambitious and creative, it can actually be very easy to get the millions you will need to get a month of Premium.

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