How to get a Torpor Sac in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Don’t sleep on this material in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Image via Capcom

The Torpor Sac in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is a resource you need to find while exploring the expansion. It’s a material that will drop from a particular monster, and you will need to obtain it if you want to complete the side quest, Chevalier’s Sleep Solution for Selva the Chevalier. You can find them to the left of the Canteen in Elgado Outpost. This guide will cover how to get a Torpor Sac in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where to find a Torpor Sac

The Torpor Sac is a material that drops from the Great Baggi. The Torpor Sac will only be available if you attempt to fight this creature during a Master Rank hunt. The best way to go after it is to accept the quest, “Brrr Plus Zzzz Equals?” from Quest Board or by speaking with Chichae the Quest Damsel. We recommend going with the Quest Board to play alongside other Monster Hunter Rise players online, or you can host it yourself with your friends.

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This quest will drop you into the Frost Islands, where you will need to take on a Great Baggi and a Lagombi. These will both be Master Rank level monsters. The Torpor Sac has a decent chance to drop, with a 30% chance as a target reward for completing the quest, a 20% chance to drop when you break the creature’s head, and a 32% chance to acquire it while carving the beast after defeating it. We recommend against attempting to capture this creature as this route will yield no additional opportunities for a Torpor Sac.

After you have the Torpor Sac, return to Elgado Outpost and speak with Selva to complete the quest. You may want to go after the Great Baggi in the future for any of your preferred Master Rank weapons or armor sets you need to complete.