How to get a weapon in Tormented Souls

Fight back.


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Like any good survival horror game, Tormented Souls provides you with a way to defend yourself against the horrors it throws at you, but you have to earn it. You’ll face a pretty gruesome foe in a wheelchair whilst you’re unarmed, and it doesn’t feel great. This guide covers how you can get a weapon and finally fight back.

How to get the nailgun

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first weapon you’ll get is the nailgun. This is a ranged weapon that you can find ammo for throughout the old mansion. To get it, you need to progress through the only open path, down into the basement, until you reach the x-ray room. This is the room at the end of the corridor where you’re first ambushed by a wheelchair enemy. Don’t fight it. Just run to the end of the corridor and go into the only unlocked door.

The priest in this room will trigger a short cutscene. Then, after some dialogue, you’ll be given the nailgun. There’s some ammo for this weapon behind the priest on his right. Make sure you pick this up before heading back out to take on the enemy that chased you down here.

How to get the crowbar

The crowbar is a melee weapon, best used only when you’ve run out of ammo for the nailgun. This weapon is also in the x-ray room. It’s on the left-hand side of the room, lying on some boxes. Make sure you pick it up before progressing any further in the game.