How to save in Tormented Souls

You don’t want to have to repeat yourself.


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Tormented Souls is a callback to classic survival horror titles in several ways, including limited inventories, obtuse puzzles, fixed camera angles, and an archaic saving mechanic that most people won’t even realize is inspired by Resident Evil. This guide covers how you save in Tormented Souls to help you avoid losing hours of progress unnecessarily.

How to save

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Saving in Tormented Souls isn’t as simple as waiting for the autosave function to kick in and secure your position at a certain checkpoint. Neither is it possible to save from the menu manually. Instead, you need to find Tapes and Recorders.

Tapes are a finite resource you’ll find scattered throughout the game, and you need to use them wisely. While you can save at every Recorder you come across, these are positioned deliberately to increase the tension for any player that uses too many of their Tapes as they progress through the story.

To save, you interact with the Recorder, select the Tape, and combine the two. This will cause a short piece of dialogue to play, allowing you to hear some of the protagonist’s inner thoughts, adding to the atmosphere and overall horror that’s slowly unfolding around you.

Ensure that you don’t use all of your Tapes too quickly. Try always to have at least one spare in your inventory. We recommend only saving after solving a particularly lengthy puzzle or scraping through a tough encounter with enemies that you know you won’t be able to beat again. Most of the horror is in your mind, don’t let it trick you into thinking that death is around every corner.