How to get all four endings in Trek to Yomi

There are several crossroads during the journey.

Screenshot via DoubleXP

The path to beating Trek to Yomi forks at a couple of points, for a total of four different endings. Three of them come down to a particular choice — these are obvious. What you might not realize is that there’s a secret fourth ending you can get too. Read on to learn how to unlock all four.

Path of Love, Path of Duty, & Path of Fury

These three are linked. During the adventure, there will be three different points at which the game will ask you to choose your path. The first two are actually irrelevant to the ending: the only choice that matters is at the end of Chapter 6. When facing the spirits, you’ll be given a final trio of choices. We won’t spoil what each ending entails, but choosing love, choosing duty, or rejecting the gifts will get you the Path of Love, Path of Duty, or Path of Fury ending, respectively. It’s really that simple. If you want to see all the endings without replaying the whole game, consider saving your game and keeping the file for later, in cloud or local storage.

Early End

The fourth ending actually comes much earlier, at the end of Chapter 3. This is the first time you’ll face Kagerou as a samurai yourself, and you’re meant to lose the fight — getting caught in a single one of his multi-hit combos will finish you off. However, it is possible, albeit very difficult, to win this fight. It’s not unlike the first phase of the Kagerou Demon boss battle at the game’s finale. He has two main attacks: the aforementioned combo and singular, heavy slashes. For the combo, your best bet at this stage is to just roll away. For the single strikes, parry and counter to deal damage. Look for the telltale glint, and you just might be able to come out on top. Doing so gets you a special, early ending that we won’t spoil either. At this point, you’ll want to reload your old save file and willingly lose the fight to see the rest of the game’s chapters.