How to get all Overwatch cosmetic rewards in Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge

Play some games, shoot some folks.

Ashe Deadlock Challenge Overwatch

Image by Blizzard Entertainment.

For a limited time, Overwatch players can get their hands on a set of nine cosmetic items for Ashe. Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge is a collection event available in Overwatch until July 5. Playing and winning matches and watching certain streams during the event generates progress towards unlocking the rewards for free. Here’s how to get all nine items quickly.

Match rewards

Getting the first three rewards is straightforward: simply play Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade matches in Overwatch. Completing 9 matches unlocks the Deadlock Ashe player icon, completing 18 matches unlocks a cool new spray, and completing 27 matches unlocks the Deadlock Ashe Epic skin.

You can get the rewards faster if you sweat a little bit, as each match you win counts as two matches towards your unlock progress.

Twitch drop rewards

The remaining six cosmetic rewards in the Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge Overwatch event are all sprays. To get them, you will have to spend some time on Twitch. The rewards are given out through Twitch drops. The good news is that there is no limited selection of Twitch streams you must watch. You can get all remaining Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge rewards by watching any Overwatch stream.

Getting all six Ashe’s Deadlock sprays takes six hours. Watching an Overwatch stream for two hours unlocks one spray. Watching for two more hours unlocks two more sprays, and watching for another two hours unlocks the remaining three sprays. Players can track their progress, as the Twitch UI now shows how much watch time is left before a drop is unlocked.

Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge event comes ahead of the release of the new Overwatch novel by Lyndsay Ely, Deadlock Rebels. The sprays players can unlock during the event reference moments from the novel.