How to get all the room decorations in Persona 5: Royal

Make your room look furnished and give it some life.

Image via Atlus

Your room in Persona 5: Royal starts a little barren when you begin the game. Slowly, you can steadily find ways to clean it up for you to perform various activities in it, such as training, watching movies on your DVD player, reading, or crafting thieves tools with the help of Morgana. Although, you can also add to the ambiance of the location by littering it with items you obtain for hanging out with various characters in the game.

You may miss these items if you choose not to hang out with the Confidants in the game. If you don’t hang out with them when they want to visit specific locations, or you don’t meet certain criteria, you miss out on the chance to add some personality to your room. We have the full list of items available in the game, who you need to get it from, what location you need to meet that individual in, and any additional information you may need to know regarding that item.

You won’t be able to place all of these items in your room at a time. Some of them take up the same section, so you may need to pick and choose your favorites. Regardless, you can modify and change what they are to change the style of your room every so often.

Room decorations

DecorationConfidantLocationAdditional Details
BalloonsShinyaDestiny LandYou can only obtain this after the second date.
You must hang out with them before the holiday.
You can also receive them on November 3 if Confidant level is 9
Choco FountainAnnShibuya
Emperor DollKasumiShinagawa
Featherman DollRyujiNakanoYou cannot obtain this item when it’s a rainy day.
G-Nyant DollMakotoSuidobashiYou cannot obtain this item when it’s a rainy day.
Giant SpatulaHaruAsakusaYou can only obtain this from Haru when participating in a special
event with her on November 6.
HamayaYusukeMeiji ShrineYou cannot obtain this item when it’s a rainy day.
Hero FigureFutabaAkihabara
I LOVE TOKYO ShirtFutabaAsakusaYou cannot obtain this item when it’s a rainy day.
Idol PosterAnnHarajukuYou cannot obtain this item when it’s a rainy day.
King PieceHifumiJinbochoOnly on the second date with this Confidant. But not on rainy days.
KumadeHaruTsukishimaYou can only obtain this on November 6.
Naked Statue Yusuke Ueno
Night PennantSadayoSeaside Park You can only obtain this after the second date with this Confidant while
in a romantic relationship with them.
Ramen BowlRyujiOgikubo
Shumai CushionMakotoChinatownYou can only obtain this item when it’s a Sunday, it’s a holiday,
or it’s during the Summer vacation. But not on rainy days.
Sky Tower LampChihayaAsakusaYou can only obtain this on the second date while having
a romantic relationship with her.
Star StickersYusukeIkebukuro
Sushi MugIchikoGinza
Swan BoatMunehisaInokashira ParkYou cannot obtain this item when it’s a rainy day. Roughly around
Confidant level 8.

You can obtain additional items from playing the crane game in Akihabara. To obtain each of the dolls, you need to win the previous doll before it. The first one becomes available on September 1. If you don’t get it, you have until the next date to grab it for the next prize. It costs 300 Yen to play every time.

Jack Frost DollSeptember 1
Burgie the Burger DollSeptember 22
Wanawana DollOctober 14
Protective Lexy DollNovember 3
Lost Sheep Man DollNovember 25
Black Frost DollDecember 15
Buchimaru DollJanuary 13
Jaga DollJanuary 23

Several rumors are floating around about the crane game. For example, some say that you’re luckier when you play it on a day that ends with a 7. Others say you need to have a Persona with high luck attached to them to do better. Others have also shared that if you fail at obtaining the prize, you can return to your Hideout and then returning to the arcade to try again.

The crane game has plenty of rumors flying around it. It could simply be RNG.