How to get and cook food in Craftopia

Gastronomic delights.


Image via Pocket Pair, Inc.

Craftopia has a hunger mechanic, and if you don’t keep your food level up, you are going to have a pretty bad time. It is also very important to eat cooked food, not raw food. As such, you will want to track down plenty of food and have a way to cook it. At the very start of the game, things will be pretty primitive, but in this guide, we will give you the knowledge to not starve to death on the beach.

Getting food

You can get food from animals, like sheep, deer, and chickens, and you can also get it by picking up plants such as mushrooms. Getting plants is easy, you just press E when you are next to them and your character will pick them up.

Animals need to be beaten into submission before they will give up those tasty treats, sadly. At the start of the game, the best way to do this is by using a wooden stick. You can make one using five logs harvested from trees. While you should also have an ax and a pickaxe, and these will damage animals, they are quite slow, so you will need to chase down the animal.

The wood stick is fast, and will quickly knock out then animal, making it drop its resources, including meat. Sheep are probably the best early game source of food, as those sneaky chicken can be hard to catch.

Cooking food

To cook food, you will need a campfire. Open the crafting menu at a stone workbench by interacting with it. Scroll down to the Campfire option, which will cost 5 Logs and 5 Stone. Craft it, then place it on the ground. To do so, put it in your hot bar, press the relevant button, and then find a good spot for it. Hit the left mouse button to place it.

The good news is that cooking doesn’t currently require any fuel, although this may change in a future update. Interact with the campfire and then place the food you wish to cook in the slot. It will take a short amount of time to cook each piece, then you can take it from the campfire by interacting with it again.

To eat food, you can eat place it in your hot bar, and click the relevant button, or you can double click on it in your Inventory if you would prefer to not fill up your hot bar with snacks.