Resources and how to farm them in Craftopia

Everything you could ever need.


Image via Pocket Pair, Inc.

Craftopia is filled with different kinds of resources that you may need to track down to build all the items in the game. In this article, we will be compiling all the different resources, and how to get them.

We will be adding to this article as get further into the game, and find more resources. We will also update it after each major content drop for the game.

Simple Resources

  • Wodden Logs – harvest from trees. You can use your bare hands or an ax that cost 5 Logs to build
  • Stone – Stone can be gotten from the large boulders that are dotted around the map. Smooth boulders are just for show, you want to find the angular boulers, then hit them with a pickaxe.
  • Sand – you can get sand by breaking boulders that give you stone.
  • Copper – can be gotten from the dark brown boulders with the dark brown metals in them. You can harvest them with a stone pickaxe.

Animal Related Resources

  • Wool – you can get wool by killing sheep, they will drop it on death.
  • Eggs – can be gotten by killing chickens or monos.
  • Bird Feathers – can be gotten by killing chickens.
  • Animal Flesh – can be gotten by killing most animals.
  • Milk – can be gotten by killing cows.

Manufactured Resources

  • Copper Ingot – you can craft these using the Stone Furnace and placing copper in it