How to get and use emotes in Roblox A Universal Time

Express yourself!

Image via Roblox

Roblox A Universal Time is an action-adventure game that launched in 2018. It is now gaining popularity due to its heavy influence from popular games and anime series, most notably JoJo Bizarre Adventure, as you’ll hear sound clips from the show as you’re playing the game.

With a game full of life thanks to the different media it’s influenced by, you’d also want to make sure that your playable character can exude that same energy level. Just like how you can express in popular FPS games, such as Fortnite, you can express yourself through emotes in Roblox A Universal Time. If you’re wondering how you can access the emotes, here’s how you can do that.

How to access Emote Wheel

If you wish to access the emote wheel, press the “.” key on your keyboard. There, you’ll see a variety of different emotes, such as the popular CaramelDansen dance.

Unfortunately, for those playing on a mobile device, there is no way to access the emote wheel at this time.

How to unlock Emotes

While the emotes you start with are excellent, you might be interested in seeing if there are any more you can unlock. You can purchase the Emote Packs available on the game’s page, not in the in-game store. Each emote pack costs 120 Robux.