How to get and use Pumpkin Tokens in Roblox Islands

These exclusive Pumpkin Tokens won’t be around forever.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Halloween has arrived, and with it, seasonal events where you can earn treats, exclusive tokens, and limited-time rewards for many of your favorite games. If you’ve been playing Roblox Islands, the Halloween update comes with a handful of rewards, and you’ll need to earn Pumpkin Tokens to obtain them. In this guide, we will break down how you can earn Pumpkin Tokens in Roblox Islands.

You’ll need to be on your island to have the best chance to earn the Pumpkin Tokens. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve created a net. You can create a net by having a crafting table and 15 wood. You’ll also need to reach level two in Animal Care. Once you’ve created a net, the next step is to wait for nighttime to arrive, and Pumpkin Bats will come on your island.

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You have to catch these bats using your net to earn the Pumpkin Tokens. The bats give you about 40 to 50 Pumpkin Tokens. You’re going to need 500 if you want to summon the Pumpkin Boss and defeat it for exclusive rewards. You’ll be able to summon the Pumpkin King back in the primary hub location of Roblox Islands. Nighttime typically lasts for 20 minutes on your island, so you should have enough time to capture plenty of bats to farm the Pumpkin Tokens.