How to get and use wool in Raft

Llamas are all you need.

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Throughout your journey in Raft, you’ll accumulate resources that will aid you in your survival. These resources serve different purposes and are essential for progress. While some resources are easy to obtain, some are rare and require additional effort. Wool is one such resource that, although not hard to obtain, can be a hassle to get as it is not out in the open.

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Obtaining wool in Raft

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Acquiring wool is pretty straightforward in Raft; you just have to shave down a Llama, and you’ll get the resource. Llamas are one of the three tamable animals and can be easily found on the Large Island. However, the Llamas you find in the open are untamed, and you have to domesticate them first. Furthermore, there are three types of Llamas available in the game. The most common Llama is entirely brown, and there is a 88% chance you’ll encounter one. The second type of Llama is a reddish-brown mix with white legs, face, and neck. It has an 8% chance of appearing, making it a rare sighting. Finally, the brown Llama with white stripes on its body and legs is the hardest to encounter, with only a 4% chance for one to appear.

On the other hand, Shears can be crafted using 1x Metal Ingot, 1x Hinge, and 2x Scrap. You’ll also need to spend two Metal Ingots to craft the equipment.

What is the use of wool in Raft

Wool is used as material to craft the below-mentioned items in Raft.

  • Backpack
  • Big Backpack
  • Leather Helmet
  • Leather Body Armor
  • Leather Greaves

Wool can also be researched on a Research Table, and at once, you can carry up to 20 pieces of wool with you.