All cheats and commands in Raft

Make life a little easier for yourself.

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While not nearly as much of a standard as they once were, cheats are still alive and kicking in specific games that make use of them. Raft, a game dedicated to testing your survival skills on a floating raft in the middle of the ocean, is one of those games. While living your life navigating the environment and fighting sharks from the deep blue beneath may sound complicated; there are cheats you can take advantage of to make your life easier. This guide explains how to use cheats in Raft so you can survive in luxury.

Can you use cheats/console commands in Raft?

Image via Redbeet Interactive

Raft used to have cheats that you could activate using command codes. However, over the course of several updates, these have been phased out. The only way to use cheats in Raft now is by finding mods that the community has put together. These do the same thing, but they require you to download them. The most reliable and safe resource for these mods is Raft Modding, a website dedicated to creating mods for Raft that pick up where the cheats left off and make the game even more enjoyable.

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How to use Raft Modding

Before you can download and use mods from Raft Modding, you need to download the site’s ModLoader. This allows you to load mods while you play. You can then browse the website for the mods you want to use, download them, and finally enable them the next time you play Raft.

Best cheat mods for Raft

Image via Raft Modding

This list contains the best mods that act like cheats in Raft. They’re also among the most popular on Raft Modding.

  • Item Spawner: This mod collects every previous console command cheat that used to be in Raft and improves upon them. Using it, you can spawn in any items you like. This is useful for any playthrough because you can spawn in the items you need when you need them, removing the scavenging and waiting time.
  • More Storages: This mod adds more storage options to the game. It’s nothing fancy, but it is incredibly useful.
  • Solar Panel: This mod is one of the best available because it allows you to recharge your batteries during the day. It’s by no means game-breaking and almost adds a new element to every playthrough that you must consider.