How To Get Bamboo in Immortal Life

Bamboo is one of the many important materials players will need in Immortal Life and here’s how to get it.

Immortal Life Bamboo

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Like most farming sims, Immortal Life is filled with materials for players to collect and use to ultimately revitalize the Guiyun Cultivation Sect. At the start of the game, some materials are much easier to find while others take a bit of work.

Immortal Life has more than just different kinds and grades of lumber. This time players can also collect bamboo which becomes an important crafting material for both building decorative furniture for the player’s house and rebuilding the Sect. However, even though there is a lot of bamboo found in the Misty Valley, it is not collectible. The farmable bamboo is not initially available and takes a bit of work to locate.

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Getting Bamboo in Immortal Life

Immortal Life Map
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Bamboo is located in the Sunset Forest which is connected to the Misty Valley and requires a Level 2 Enhanced Axe to cut. However, giant vines block the way and the normal axe cannot cut through. Players will need to complete the Sunset Forest quest to gain access to the area.

Players will trigger the quest when exploring the Misty Valley and progressing through the game. Li Mengqing will explain how she discovered a forest and tells the players to talk to Yang Ziqin to learn how to enhance tools like the axe in order to cut through the dense vines. To enhance the axe, players will need the following materials

  • 20x Stone
  • 20x Obsidian
  • 1000x Spirit Shards or 1x Spirit Stone

Once players cut through the vines, they will be able to access the Sunset Forest and cut down both the lumber and bamboo found there. The bamboo is to the left of the entrance. Players will be able to collect both Bamboo and Superior Bamboo from this area.

What is Bamboo Used For in Immortal Life

Immortal Life Warehouse
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Bamboo is used to craft many items and buildings in Immortal Life. As players continue through the game, they will be able to upgrade their houses and add furniture and decor items. These items are used for more than just decorating. They help the players recover HP, MP, and Stamina when they end the day. Bamboo is used to make a lot of furniture which will increase how much HP and Stamina is recovered through the night.

Bamboo is also used for building crafting stations and storage like the Warehouse in Immortal Life, a building that can hold all of your items as you collect more materials and crops for cooking and more complicated item quests.