How to Get Luminous Sand in Immortal Life

Luminous Sand is a rare material to find in Immortal Life and players are going to need to fight for it to progress.

Immortal Life Mines

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Luminous Sand is a red material used for crafting in Immortal Life. Players will have to risk the might of monsters and dig deep into the Mines in order to collect this hard-to-find drop.

One of Immortal Life’s many crafting materials is Luminous Sand, a material that becomes important as players rebuild more of the Guiyun Sect. This item is a rare material that doesn’t appear very often so it takes time to farm. It also isn’t in an area that is easy to get to. Players will need to prepare and dedicate some time to farm Luminous Sand.

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Getting Luminous Sand in Immortal Life

Immortal Life Luminous Sand
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Luminous Sand is located in the Mines found in the Misty Valley. Players will need to look for red crystal-like structures, either sedentary structures or crystal monsters. These red crystals will occasionally drop the Luminous Sand along with Obsidian. They start to appear on the 4th floor of the mines and start to spawn more on the 6th floor.

Players will need to enhance their pickaxe to mine Luminous Sand. They can enhance the pickaxe at the Blacksmith’s Shop in Ferry Stop. Players will need the following items to enhance the pickaxe.

  • 20x Lumber
  • 10x Obsidian
  • 1000x Spirit Shards or 1x Spirit Stone

There are a lot of monsters roaming the floors of the mines. Players should make sure that they have plenty of MP and HP elixirs or food to get them through. Thankfully the game is very generous with gifting these elixirs early in the game before players learn how to make them.

Players will also have the option to send Li Mengqing out to collect various materials once the Main Hall is rebuilt. She will be able to collect rarer materials like Luminous Sand. However, she will only be able to collect a little bit at a time, if any, and it take three in-game days for her to bring materials back. It is a helpful mechanic but if players want the material fast, they will have to mine it themselves. The best way to get the material is a combination of both mining and sending Li Mengqing out for collecting.

What Luminous Sand is Used For in Immortal Life

Immortal Life Rebuild
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Luminous Sand is an important resource for rebuilding the Guiyun Cultivation Sect in Immortal Life. It is used to repair and build different locations like the Qiongzhen Pavilion and the R&D Facility. These buildings will require a good chunk of Luminous Sand, around 20x, so make sure to set a day aside to have plenty of time to get through the mines and get enough of the material to drop.