How to get Bigu in Temtem

You can’t find Bigu in the wild, so be sure to follow these steps to get a Bigu of your very own!

How to get Bigu

On your Temtem journey, there are so many Temtem to find and catch, but Bigu, the water/nature type Temtem, can’t be found in the wild. The key to getting this Temtem on your team is to find another untamed Temtem called Babawa.

Picture of Babawa via Crema

Where to Find Babawa

  1. Have Access to Citerior Omninesia
    If you’re still on Deniz, you’re out of luck. Babawa is located on the second part of the second island.
  2. Omninesians can have a little water, as a treat
    Unlike Deniz, water in Omninesia is scarce. If you head south in Citerior Omninesia, you will eventually reach a lone small pond. In the water and the grass directly around it, you will find untamed Babawa. They are common, so it should be easy.
  3. It Takes Two
    When catching a Babawa, pay attention to their gender. You will need to catch a female for sure. It is also recommended that you catch a male Babawa in addition.
Babawa Location Guide
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How to Obtain Bigu

  1. Go to the Breeding Center
    Just northwest of Nanga, back on Superior Omninesia, you will find the Breeding Center. No need to worry about having your new temtems on you, as there is a TemDeck station inside.
  2. Baby Bigu (Do do do do do)
    Bigu are born when breeding a female Babawa with another temtem of the water or nature type. This is the only way in the current game to obtain Bigu. The other way is to trade with another player who has already bred a Bigu. It will take 10 minutes to receive an egg.
    Speed it Up: If you specifically leave two Babawas: one female, one male, the breeding process with only take 5 minutes.
  3. Hatching the Egg
    Once you get the egg, place it in your party. It has an internal clock that will count down as long as it isn’t deposited in the TemDeck. All you can do it wait. Once it hatches, Bigu will be yours!
Bigu Hatching
Screengrab via Crema