How to get Boba Tea in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Tea with your friends.

Image via Nintendo

Some new items have arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Fireworks Festival. The items were added in update 1.11.0, and include the addition of Boba Tea that you can drink in the game. This is a great addition, as people can now enjoy their creations in the game with a nice cup of tea as the fireworks explode overhead.

Getting Boba Tea is quite simple. All players need to do is wait until each Sunday during the Fireworks Festival. Between 7 PM and midnight, Redd will set up a stall called Redd’s Raffle. This can be found outside the town hall and the Resident Services.

Speak with Redd and you can purchase a Raffle Tickets for 500 Bells each, and this will let you win a prize. There are twenty-four different prizes that you can win, and one of those prizes is the Boba Tea.

  • Red Sparkler
  • Blue Sparkler
  • Fountain Firework
  • Bubble Blower
  • Uchiwa Fan
  • Pinwheel
  • Tweeter
  • Blue Balloon
  • Red Balloon
  • Yellow Balloon
  • Green Balloon
  • Pink Balloon
  • Ramune Soda Frozen Treat
  • Orange Frozen Treat
  • Chocolate Frozen treat
  • Plain Cotton Candy
  • Melon Cotton Candy
  • Ramune Soda Cotton Candy
  • Strawberry Cotton Candy
  • Boba Milk Tea
  • Boba Coffee
  • Boba Strawberry Tea
  • Boba Mango Tea
  • Boba Green Tea

At just 500 Bells for each ticket, you can happily spam tickets until you have collected all the different types of tea that are up for grabs as prizes.