How to get Cherry Blossom Petals in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What do you need to do to capture them?


April is the time of year for players in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to explore their islands and observe how the seasons are changing. At least, those who are in the northern hemisphere. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you have the opportunity to add Cherry Blossoms, more commonly known as Sakura Blossom trees, to your island. For those who enjoy crafting seasonal DIY projects, this plant is a must to have, because you can acquire the petals that fall off from the trees.

To obtain cherry blossom petals, you need first to add sakura blossom trees to your island. Luckily, every resident in the game should already have them on their island. They blossom during the April for those in the northern hemisphere, and those in the southern portion can expect to see them come October. You find them as the hardwood trees, so if you removed any of these from your island, you won’t be able to see the cherry blossoms blooming when they arrive during your hemisphere’s time of the year.

Adding the petals to your inventory is pretty easy, too. You need to treat them like bugs flying around you. Whenever you see any of the petals falling to the ground, or floating around in the air, you need to take out your respective net and catch them. Doing this adds them to your inventory, and you now have access to them for any of your seasonal DIY projects. For those who are in the southern hemisphere who still want to access to these petals, you can visit a friend who’s trees are in season to add them to your inventory if your friends are kind enough to invite you over. There are plenty of projects that need these petals, such as the Cherry-Blossom clock, branches, bonsai, and viewing lantern.

Make sure to take part in the Bunny Day festivities while the season is going on. The event goes from April 1 to the 12, but the Cherry Blossoms should remain in season until the end of April.