How to get Chibi Champions in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Whatever, let’s just start shooting… but Chibi!

Image via Riot Games

One of the most fun and cutest parts of TFT are the Little Legends, the avatar you use to play the game. They can range from friendly Featherknights to squishy Dowsies to curious Moledivers, but they’ve become a staple of TFT culture. With Set 6, the devs are adding Chibi Champions, cute, chibi-fied versions of popular LoL units. So, if you’re lucky, maybe you can have your favorite be your new face.

Chibi choices

Since the main focus of this Set is Piltover, it makes sense that Set 6 members like Jinx, Ekko, and Vi are the LoL Champions the developers picked to become Chibi Champions first. They are these large-headed, adorable, anime-style versions of the characters that you can have dancing around your TFT board like Little Legends do.

Where to go

Sometimes buying Little Legends can get confusing, so it’s no surprise you could get lost looking for Chibi Champions, too. So, go into the shop on your LoL client and look for the TFT tab, which should be the fourth option. From there, you should see the newest Little Legends. When Set 6 is active, The Chibi Champions will likely be the first option you see.

However, these little folks aren’t cheap. Each Chibi Champions costs 1900 RP, which is roughly equivalent to $15-$18. Some fans have been outraged by this, as legendary skins for normal games of LoL don’t often cost as much. Mobile and PC gamers will have to transition to a new currency in the coming months, though, as TFT will have its own separate money from RP called TFT coins.

The “Arcane” factor

Now, it’s also clear that this choice was also made to help advertise their upcoming animated series, Arcane. After all, the show’s main characters are Vi and Jinx, two sisters on the opposite sides of the law. That’s even mentioned in the game since the “Sisters” trait is one you can activate with both of them on the board.