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How to get cloth in V Rising

Dawnbreak Village holds more than meets the eye.

Cloth is one of many necessary materials, or resources, within V Rising. Unfortunately, gathering the item itself can also be an elusive challenge for players, considering how much is ultimately necessary for higher-tier crafting.

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In much the same way as whetstones in V Rising operate, cloth can be found one of two ways. The first is via loot: visiting specified areas that offer cloth as a higher loot drop than other items can net players a decent amount. The second means is by crafting it yourself within your base, which is unlocked by chasing targets designated within the Blood Altar.

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For looting cloth, Dawnbreak Village is hard to beat. Located just inside of the Dunley Farmlands, Dawnbreak Village offers a few tough fights in exchange for copious amounts of mid-tier loot such as quartz, cloth, and even horses. There are two heroes that tend to roost within Dawnbreak Village: Christina the Sun Priestess, who hits like a hammer and can summon sunlight to AoE slow players, and Beatrice the Tailor, who runs around like a headless chicken while screaming.

Both heroes will ultimately end up in the Blood Altar for hunting, but they can be detrimental while trying to stay alive. Or…un-alive?

Players looking for cloth can do well in Dawnbreak Village, but they should be at least Gear Score 35, if not higher. Still, avoiding fights could be the ideal due primarily to how many enemies are found within Dawnbreak. Sneak around the outside and duck into houses to find chests — villagers are passive, although could alert enemies.

For crafting, Beatrice the Tailor ultimately unlocks the ability to create cloth via a new production building, the Loom. The Loom costs 20 planks, 12 copper ingots, and 4 wool threads to create. All of this is far more plausible if you have undead friends to join you in the Dawnbreak raid, but if not, there’s no shame in waiting until you’ve garnered more strength.

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