How to get collectibles in Monster Jam Steel Titans 2

Let’s grab those collectibles.

In Monster Jam Steel Titans 2, drivers can pick up collectibles in the open world. Collectibles that are picked up can be used towards earning high scores, should you get any of those in Freestyle events, or even help with unlocking vehicles. So how you find and earn these collectibles? Let’s go over what you need to do.

How to find and earn collectibles

Collectibles in Monster Jam Steel Titans will be denoted by black and yellow triangles in the air. The goal is to drive through and smash these collectibles, much like you would with trees, tables, and other objects that can be broken in the game, to earn bonus points and credits.

Screenshot from Gamepur

The trick, though, with smashing collectibles is that not all of them will be close to the ground and easy to smash. Some collectibles that can be found in the open world are much higher up. To smash and claim these collectibles, you’ll need to make use of a nearby ramp or hill to get enough air. Also, make sure to back up as much as you can and use boosts, if possible, to get as much velocity and air as you can.

Each area in Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 has a certain amount of collectibles. Once you’ve successfully claimed a collectible, a triangle will remain in the same spot, but it will not be black and yellow, but rather clear in color and can’t be claimed again.