How to get Commendations and High Commendations in Monster Hunter Rise

Gotta work hard.

Monster Hunter Rise is filled with different types of armor and weapons you can build. Each will have different bonus, stats, and benefits, and having a good mix of them is the key to successfully hunting monsters.

As the game progresses, you will need more and more varied materials to build them all, and they will get harder to get. Commendations and High Commendations are required if you want to build very high level gear toward the later part of the game. As you might suspect, they are not that easy to get, and it takes a lot of work to get to the point where you can even earn them.

To get a Commendation, players will need t complete a quest that includes more than one monster, and is at least a 6 Star difficulty Village quest. To get a High Commendation, players will need to complete a Hub Quest with more than one monster, and is at least a 7 Star difficulty.

Both these levels can take quite a while to get to. Village Quests are single player activities, and account for the campaign content, while Hub Quests are the multiplayer side of the game.

Players start with access to 1 Star quests of both types, and will need to complete multiple quests in each bracket to progress to the next Star level.