How to get Cutting Edge materials in Saints Row

It’s called fashion!

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There are many things to unlock in Saints Row, and one of them is Cutting Edge materials. From the beginning of the game, you will be able to see an option for Cutting Edge materials as soon as you make your character. From there, whenever you edit a piece of clothing on your character or change a part of a car, you will see the Cutting Edge materials option. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you how to unlock these materials.

How to unlock Cutting Edge materials in Saints Row

Before you can unlock the Cutting Edge materials, you first need to grow your empire. You can expand your empire using the Empire Table at your headquarters. You will need to get your empire to tier three. This is done by building six business ventures and completing the missions for two of them.

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Once you have the business ventures taken care of, you will unlock the “Body of Evidence” mission. This mission does not take long to complete. Once complete, you will access tier three business ventures at the Empire Table. Among these business ventures are Cutting Edge. This shop will cost you $400,000 to build.

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With the Cutting Edge business venture built, you will gain access to Edith’s Vision Journal tasks. These tasks require you to go to areas marked on the map and take a picture of a material that is described in the information on the map. Once you take a picture of the material, it will become unlocked in the customization menus.