How to get diamonds in Roblox Royale High

Best ways to earn Diamonds.

Image via Roblox Corporation

Royale High is a fantasy roleplaying game available on the Roblox platform. The game’s main objective is to acquire different dresses for your character by teleporting to different realms. Like every Roblox game, players can use an in-game currency to buy different gears and packs. In Roblox Royale High, Diamonds are the in-game currency, and here is how you can acquire them.

Buy Diamond Multiplier

Diamonds can be earned by completing different tasks and in-game quests. However, the amount of Diamonds you get is minimal and nowhere enough to suffice your in-game needs. That said, you can buy a 2x or 4x multiplier, which increases the Diamond received accordingly. You can also combine both the multipliers and receive up to 6x Diamonds. However, to buy a 2x or 4x multiplier, you have to shell out 749 and 1,649 Robux, respectively.

Daily Login bonus

Similar to most games, there is an incentive for logging in daily. You get Diamonds each day, and the amount increases if you maintain the streak. This streak can go up to ten days, earning you a total of 1,200 Diamonds if you keep up with it.

Sleeping method

Sleeping in the game is another way to obtain diamonds. In the game, your character’s energy is depleting minute by minute, which you may monitor by checking your character’s cell phone. Sleeping offers you energy and XP points, which help you level up your character. Every level up gets you 300 diamonds. If you have both multipliers, you’ll get 1,800.