Warframe – How To Get Diluted Thermia


In Warframe, you can get Diluted Thermia by taking part in the Operation: Buried Debts event. You will need to head out onto the Orb Vallis, and squad up to deal with some Thermia Fractures.

While it is certainly possible to do this alone, it might get a bit hectic if you are a newer player, so maybe go with some friends or Clanmates.

Warframe – How To Get Diluted Thermia

Follow the below steps to get some Diluted Thermia:

  • Load into Orb Vallis on Venus
  • Head for the Temple of Profit, and find the Exploiter Orb that will be walking around the area.
  • Destroy one the Coolant Raknoids following it, then pick up the Coolant Canister they drop.
  • If there are a few of you in the squad, everyone should grab one.
  • Hit the skies in your Archwing and search for the larges jets of flame coming out of the ground.
  • Fly to one, and drop down to it.
  • Interact with it to place your Coolant Canister.
  • Defend the Canister until the timer hits 100%.
  • Do this four times in total to fill the Canister.
  • Filling a Canister will get you 1 Diluted Thermia

What Is Diluted Thermia Used For

You need Diluted Thermia to trigger the Expoliter Orb boss fight at Deck 12. You will find a console in the back of the destroyed area that looks similar to Fortuna, on a raised platform that would house the Vent Kids entrance in Fortuna.

Only one player needs to use their Diluted Thermia to start the fight, so if you are grinding this with friends or Clanmates, you can take it in turns to use the resource.

And that’s it, everything you need to know about Diluted Thermia in Warframe. Best of luck, Tenno!