How to get Dryad Fruit in Wytchwood

Fruit of a flaming tree.

Image via Whitethorn Digital

While taking on the Bear storyline in Wytchwood, you’ll have to craft quite a few items for the first time in the game, and crafting new items also means finding new ingredients. One such ingredient is the Dryad Fruit.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A close look at the Dryad Fruit in your grimoire tells us what biome we should be searching: the forest. By this point in the story, the gate to the north of the well should be open, and you can explore this previously inaccessible section of the map. If you head directly north through this gate, you’ll come across a very angry tree. At first, it blends in with its surroundings, but when you get close enough, it begins chasing you. This aggressive tree is a Dryad, and you need the pink fruit nestled among its leaves.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Before it attacks you, pausing the game with your witch eye sense and scrolling over the Dryad reveals its weakness: the Cinderbox. You may already have a spare Cinderbox in your inventory. If not, you can craft one with a Campfire Ember, a Rodent Lard, and three Fireflies.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Once you have your Cinderbox crafted and equipped, approach the Dryad and use the Cinderbox while the charging tree is highlighted. At that point, the Dryad will catch fire and drop a few materials, one of which should be its Dryad Fruit. Don’t worry about being attacked once the Dryad is burning either — it’s definitely too distracted to be a threat anymore.