How to get Energy Drinks and what they are used for in Stray

Sugary beverages are a great currency.

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There are plenty of items to find throughout Stray, and while some of the items have a clear use, others have a little less clear purpose. Energy Drinks are one of the items you might not realize exist unless you go searching for them. You also might never realize their purpose. While they sound like they would give you a boost of energy, Energy Drinks have a different purpose that allows you to get other items in Stray.

How to get Energy Drinks

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Energy Drinks can only be found in the Slums. If you proceed to the chapters following the Slums, you will end up missing out on them. If you happen to find Energy Drinks and don’t use them before leaving the Slums, they will disappear for good. There are three Energy Drinks you can find in the game. To get the Energy Drinks, you need to interact with active vending machines. You can find them in the following spots:

  • Across from where Morusque is sitting.
  • In the back of the Slums where the R.I.P Humans mural is.
  • On the rooftops just outside of Doc’s apartment.

There are plenty of other vending machines that can be found in the area, but only those three will dispense an Energy Drink for you to pick up.

How to use Energy Drinks

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While it would be fun to see a cat drink an Energy Drink and run at super speed, that is not the purpose of these sugary drinks. You will actually want to give these drinks to the Barterman. He can be found to the right of where the Guardian is standing. He has two items that you can purchase from him for Energy Drinks; a Music Sheet and a painting containing a Memory for B-12. The Music Sheet costs one Energy Drink while the painting costs three. As you can see, you will need to choose one or the other to get and then replay the Slums chapter to get the other later on.