How to Get EX Grenades using Pee in Death Stranding

If you’re prepared to get a little strange, then you’ll have a good time with Death Stranding. One survival aspect in the game is allowing Sam to relieve his bladder whenever he needs to do so. Players get a small indicator showing how much he has in his bladder. To make this aspect a little bit stranger, Hideo Kojima leaned into the trait and allowed something to happen when Sam pees: He can create grenades. Here’s how to do it.

How to Get EX Grenades using Pee in Death Stranding

There are three different types of EX grenades in the game. They’re all obtained in different ways.

  • EX 0 Grenades: Get these from Sam’s sweat.
  • EX 1 Grenades: Get these from Sam’s urine.
  • EX 2 Grenades: Get these from Sam’s bowel movements.

You can obtain all of these grenades from Sam’s private room when he’s looking for some rest from the many deliveries and things he has to deal with during his journey. To get the most amount of grenades from each category, you have to go about them in different ways.

For the EX 0 grenades, players need to get Sam moving around, sweaty, and covered in dirt. He will need to get some exercise by running around. Immediately after a long delivery, it’s a good idea to have Sam take a shower to wash it all off. Following the shower, there should be a handful of grenades readily available for players to use against BTs.

The EX 1 grenades are a bit more universal. Because these rely on Sam’s urine, players can choose to make these out in the middle of the world, or go to their private room to use their toilet. If players go to their private room, they need to make sure they’re standing up to create the proper grenades and make use of all the urine they’ve been holding inside Sam. The more urine he has, the more grenades that will come out. To produce more urine, make sure Sam is chugging his canteen and drinking whenever possible.

The final grenades, EX 2, are made purely from the private house, because it involves Sam’s bowel movements. These moments are a private affair, so Sam will need to use the restroom to relieve himself. The best way to make sure he has a full gut is by eating when he can, similar to when he’s consistently drinking from his canteen. Make sure to stock up on the cryptobiote snacks. These are a great way to replenish Sam’s blood if he’s lost any from previous encounters.

Make sure you have plenty of EX grenades on your person whenever you go out into the world, to make your life easier when dealing with BTs. They don’t move too much, and these grenades are an excellent method of making them move around the map in front of you and giving you a clear path out of their way. Good luck with Death Stranding.