How to get food as the Ogre Kingdoms in Total War: Warhammer 3

Meat’s back on the menu.

Image via Sega

The Ogre Kingdom is a pre-order faction for Total War: Warhammer 3. They’ve been featured in previous titles, primarily as NPC’s or mercenary units, but never as a primary faction.

Ogre Kingdoms feature a unique campaign resource alongside gold. This new resource is meat, and it powers everything the Ogre Kingdoms can do. For example, meat is used to build their armies, and meat is sacrificed to their gods to grant army-wide buffs. This faction will suffer attrition and lose many passive buffs if they run low on meat. Therefore, maintaining a steady meat supply is key to victory in the Ogre Kingdoms.

Meat can be acquired in a handful of ways, and the primary form of gathering meat is through battle. After every successful battle, one post-battle will turn the remains of the enemy into meat to power the Ogre horde. The Butcher, an Ogre hero, can also provide a passive meat bonus if embedded into an army.

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Meat can also be supplied with certain buildings in a settlement. Using camps is another excellent way to ensure meat supply never runs low. Camps can be built away from central cities, and garrisons will protect them from local armies. Keeping your central army near a camp will provide meat per turn. Meat is also a tricky resource to keep track of, as it’s placed underneath your Legendary Lord’s character portrait.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Converting defeated enemies into meat, using the Butcher, and building meat supply structures is the best way to acquire this unique campaign resource for the Ogre Kingdom.