How to get gems in Roblox All Star Tower Defense

Gems make the world go around.

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In Roblox All Star Tower Defense, players will be using their units to fend off waves of enemies. All units have different abilities, and costs, and players will need to get their hands on gems to purchase them.

In this guide, we will show you how to get Gems in Roblox All Star Tower Defense so you can perform lots of Summons and get the best characters.

Monthly Codes

Be sure to check the list of live codes for Roblox All Star Tower Defense each month, and use any codes that you haven’t put in the game yet. This can be a great source of quick Gems.

Play the Story

Roblox All Star Tower Defense has a story mode that players can progress through to earn Gems. Every time you finish a new level you earn 20 Gems, and you can repeat levels to earn 4 Gems.


Make sure you complete your Daily Tasks. You can find them by hitting the Tasks button on the left of the screen, then going into the Daily Tasks section. These tend to be easy, fast, quests that you can complete to earn some Gems.

Go Premium

Premium members get access to the Time Chamber. Here, you can farm 10 Gems every 500 seconds, although that drops to just 5 Gems for normal members. It’s a good way to passively farm Gems while you are busy doing something else in real life.

Daily Login Bonus

Make sure you log in to All Star Tower Defense at least once a day, even if you don’t have time to play, to collect the free Daily Login Bonus.