Where to find Glow Berries in Minecraft

A fruit that glows in the dark.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Glow Berries are an item that you can use in Minecraft to generate a small light source for you underground when they’re attached to a cave vine, or you can pluck them off the vine to eat them. It restores a little bit of your hunger, but it doesn’t do much for your character. Finding these berries can be a little difficult, and you’re limited on how you can locate them. In this guide, we’re going to share where you need to go to find Glow Berries.

There are two ways to find Glow Berries in Minecraft. The first is to loot them from a chest that you find inside a Mineshaft. A Mineshaft has a chance of appearing underground or in the underwater biomes. They’re full of orcs and spiders, so you want to come prepared with a sword, some food, and some decent armor to handle these threats. After you’ve defeated the enemies, a Mineshaft chest has a nearly 40 percent chance of having a Glow Berry inside it. Those are some pretty good chances compared to a lot of things in Minecraft. There should get a small handful of them.

Alternatively, Glow Berries are supposed to spawn in the Lush Cave biomes. The Lush Caves have been released and become available following Minecraft 1.18, and you’ll be able to locate them while searching underground. The best way to find these caverns is to locate an Azalea Tree. These serve as the identifying marker above a Lush Cave to give you an idea of where you need to begin digging down.

When you place a Glow Berry down on the bottom of a block, it spawns a cave vine. Then, you can give the cave vine bone meal to grow, generating another Glow Berry underneath it. Although the Glow Berry does not provide any light when you’re holding it in your hand, it does light up when it’s attached to a cave vine.

You can add cave vines to your home by placing them on the bottom of blocks and finding creative ways to turn them into lights rather than using torches. They’re not as bright as torches, but they look great and would be perfect for a small greenhouse.