How to get Goat Horns in Minecraft

Sound the horns of battle.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Goats can be pleasant animals in Minecraft if you’re good to them and take care of them. They’re extremely helpful if you want to retrieve milk from them, or you can choose to breed them if you want an army of goats on your settlement. Another useful item that they drop are goat horns. You can’t kill them to retrieve the horn. Instead, the only way to retrieve a goat’s horn is to have them ram a block, and then the horn drops.

You have to be patient if you want a goat to drop a horn. These animals are a neutral spawn, which means they won’t be aggressive towards you. Even if you hit them, they’re going to run away from you and not want to fight you. Goats have a low chance of outright attacking you, and they have an even lower chance of ramming you. How you want to acquire goat horns is by finding a screaming goat. These sound different from regular goats, but they’re much more aggressive and have a much higher chance of trying and ram you. Regular goats do ram, but it’s much less common.

It is tough to find a goat aggressive enough to attack you. These creatures are naturally passive, and they’re fairly difficult to anger. Your best bet is to wait for a screaming goat to spawn. These types of goats have a five percent chance of appearing whenever you find a goat, so you’ll be hard-pressed to locate them. When you do, trick it into trying to ram you and have it hit a block so then it can drop its horn. You can do this up to two times to a goat before they can no longer lose their horns.

Once you have the goat horn, you can hold it in your hand and blow into it, making an ideal sound to battle right before a big fight.

This is the traditional method you’ll be able to obtain goat horns, but it looks like they have been released to the full game. There are some issues with the horn sound repeating when a character uses it, and this problem has not be resolved yet.