How to get Gold Bullion in Fallout 76

Gold never goes away.

An essential currency in Fallout 76 is called Gold Bullion. For those who actively want to seek out the late-game items and useful tools behind it, you need to understand how to harvest it and where you need to go to obtain it. It released alongside the Wastelanders update.

Gold Bullion is a solid gold bar that consists of 24 karat gold. You can trade it with Regs, who can offer you various recipes and plans you can use in the late-game of Fallout 76. The most straightforward way of obtaining it is by going down the Wastelanders main quest that released for the major update. 

After you earn it from the main quest, you probably need more for numerous projects you have in mind for the game. Alternatively, you can speak to Smiley, whom you can find hanging out inside of The Wayward on the top floor. Go inside, and he’ll trade you 1,000 caps for 50 Gold Bullion ingots. If you have more caps, you can mass purchase them, all the way up to 300 ingots for 6,000 caps. It’s a quicker method than consistently clicking the trade for 1,000 caps choice over and over again. However, after you reach 300 ingots from Smiley, you can no longer purchase them until the next week.

The final method to obtain Gold Bullion is to trade in treasure notes for them. You earn treasure notes y completing daily faction quests and participating in public events. Once you have enough, you can find a Gold Press Machine at the Foundation or the Crater. You can obtain 10 Gold Bullion ingots for every treasure note you offer it. However, you can only do this to earn up to 200 Gold Bullion per day, so you may reach this limit quickly if you partake in enough public events and quests.

Once you complete the primary quest, make sure to visit Smiley whenever you have the opportunity, but no need to rush to him because his 300 ingots offer remains good all week. The Gold Press Machine, though, remains a much higher factor because you need to turn those treasury notes into the machine every day to earn the maximum amount.