How to get Hot Seat in Hot Wheels Unleashed

The royal throne just got a motor.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Hot Seat is a hilarious and iconic Hot Wheels car that was first produced in 1998. Designed by Mark Jones and Greg Paddington, the idea behind this vehicle is pretty simple: a toilet with wheels. The first Hot Seat, released in 1998 as part of the First Editions set, was a while toilet with wheels and a steering wheel. Understandably, it’s been reproduced many times over the years, and now you can get it in Hot Wheels Unleashed. This guide explains how.

Get the Thanksgiving Pack

Screenshot by Gamepur

To get Hot Seat in Hot Wheels Unleashed, you need to download one of the car packs released as a free update for the game. To find it, navigate to the Add-On menu and then the Vehicle subheading within it. The car pack you’re looking for is the Thanksgiving Pack. This pack adds three new vehicles to the game, but you only need to worry about Hot Seat. You’ll have to navigate to your relevant digital storefront to download the pack. When you have, the car should appear in your collection. We had to restart the game to get it to appear, so if you can’t see Hot Seat in your collection, try doing the same.

This version of Hot Seat is from the 2004 Final Run set. It has pretty good stats across the board and can be upgraded using Gears to make it one of the best cars in your collection. However, while it looks great, it still doesn’t hold a candle to the Cadillac Seville by Gucci.

Screenshot by Gamepur