How to get into the Cabin in Whispering Woods in Paper Mario The Origami King

Divinity Original Sin 3

Whispering Woods is the first major area that you visit in Paper Mario The Origami King, and with it, it’s the first time that players will come in contact with collectible items such as Toads and Treasures.

While certain 100 percent seekers may want to collect everything before moving onto the next area, Whispering Woods has what appears to be an inaccessible Cabin slap bang in the middle of it that doesn’t seem to have a way to open.

You can collect nearly every Toad, every Treasure, and search every nook and cranny for a secret entrance, but it always appears like there is no way into it, though that is not the case. While there is a way into it, it’ll require you to, first of all, get to a section in the game further down the line to get inside.

So, fair spoiler warning while we tell you what to do here, as what we are about to discuss will include story related spoilers.

To get into the Cabin you are going to have to progress through the game until you have destroyed the third streamer at least. From there, you will unlock the fourth world and be able to travel across the Great Sea.

Once you get rid of the Fog, you can head to a small Island near grid C3 on the map and dive for an item next to it, a Shell. From there, you need to take the Shell back to Whispering Woods and Cook it in the nearby Campfire to unlock the Toad within.

You’ll then open up the Cabin and will be able to get a Treasure Chest inside of it.