How to get IPPON in Ninjala

Score IPPON for the highest points.

Scoring points and having the most of them is how you succeed in every game of Ninjala and how you walk away with the top spot. You can score by hitting enemies, and you can score more points by getting a KO against them. However, the best way to score in the game is to get an IPPON, but it’s a bit complicated.

There are several ways to obtain an IPPON during a Ninjala match. The first way is to parry an opponent. You can initiate a parry between a foe by both of you hitting your basic attack against each other at the same time. When you do, the two of you will clash, and begin a showdown. If you can win the showdown by taking down your opponent, you will gain an IPPON.

The alternative way to gain an IPPON is to use your Gum Shoots or Gum Break and then KOing the enemy. To do this, you want to summon a bubble of gum and then hit the enemy with it. Hitting them with it binds them, and then finish them off with a few basic attacks. If they hit the wall covered in gum, you can receive the IPPON points. You have to attack them and secure the KO when they are bound, or it won’t count as an IPPON.

A Gum Break also awards you an IPPON. To break an opponent’s Gum, you have to destroy the protective bubble in front of them by hitting with a Gum Break attack. When your opponent is bound by their Gum, you can freely attack them. If you land the KO while they’re bound, it counts as an IPPON.

If you can reliably obtain IPPON during Ninjala matches, you can find yourself landing at the top of the rankings at the end of each game.