How to Get Lightsaber Parts and Unlock Customization in Jedi: Fallen Order


A lightsaber is both a Jedi’s weapon and a useful tool. Players are going to need to acquire lightsaber parts during their journey in Jedi: Fallen Order to customize their lightsaber.

Finding the lightsaber parts is not going to be easy, but becomes pretty natural when you start to explore the game. There are hidden chests throughout each world, and when Cal unlocks them, they contain useful items inside them.

They’re going to be out of the way, though, so players are going to need to use Cal’s force abilities or BD-1’s tools to access them. Sometimes, they’re pretty easy to find and all it takes is a little bit of jumping and being curious. Not every force power or droid skill immediately unlocks, so players are going to need to return to planets after progressing through the story.

After getting a few lightsaber parts, you’re going to need a place to work on it. You can do so at a workbench. There’s one at the back of the Mantis, but you can also locate others on the different worlds you visit. From here, you can modify Cal’s hilt, lightsaber color, and give his saber numerous various modifications. There are multiple slots on the lightsaber, so take your time examining each section.

If you’re not finding too many lightsaber parts, make sure to double back in each area you visit and use BD-1’s holomap to see locations you may have missed. On BD-1’s holomap you should see how many more chests you need to find in each area.