How to get Little Legends in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Are you a Squink or a Gloop person?

Small bird with a sword in front of a field.

In Teamfight Tactics (TFT), each person gets a little avatar that is called a “Tactician.” This role can either be filled by a LoL Chibi, a sprite, or Little Legends. Little Legends are unique, adorable monsters that demonstrate your health bar, pick up board items, and even dance if you want. They usually come from Little Legends eggs, but there’s a wide variety of ways to get the Little Legend of your dreams. With cute Legends like the Duckbill and Piximander in Set 6, you have to learn how.

Obtain Little Legend free eggs

There are a handful of ways to get Little Legends for free and the easiest way to do that is by playing the game — seriously. Riot Games offers new TFT challenges with each new Set, so you can sometimes get a Little Legend egg for getting certain three-star units or a unique collection on your board. Also, each Set offers a Gamepass. While most of it is locked behind a paywall, there are a handful of eggs that you can still get for free the more you play.

Sometimes, there are also special events that help give you eggs. For example, with the Arcane event, you could go to a different Riot site to play puzzles around Piltover and Zaun. In one area, there’s a lab filled with Little Legends. If you helped them with their projects, you could get a free egg. Also, Twitch gives free eggs every once in a while, so keep an eye out for these kinds of special events.

Purchase Little Legends

If you need more Little Legends than what you can get for free, don’t fret. There are a couple of ways to get more. As mentioned before, there’s a Gamepass for each Set. You can just play the pass for free and get a handful of eggs and emotes, but you can also spend roughly $10 to purchase the Gamepass. Then, you get up to 30+ rewards as you play the game. If you love Little Legends and TFT cosmetics, the Gamepass can be very worth it. But if you don’t play a lot, be careful not to spend your money on rewards you never reach.

However, you also can go to the TFT shop. Go to the Shop tag in your Riot Games client and go to the TFT tab. There, you can purchase a wide variety of Little legends and eggs. If you want a surprise, random eggs can be as cheap as 490 RP. But if you want to pick specific Little Legends, they normally cost from 750 to 925 RP. If you go for egg bundles, though, they can go for much more — around $45.

Important note: by 2022, TFT fans will no longer use RP to purchase TFT cosmetics. Instead, they’ll be using TFT Coins. This change is already live on the Mobile app.

How to use Little Legends

Now, once you have the Little Legend egg, you go to your inventory/loot tab. There, any Little Legend egg you’ve earned or purchased will appear. Just open it and then it will be in your TFT inventory. After that, go to play a TFT game, and there, you can change all your in-game cosmetics, from your arena to your Little Legends.