How to get Moogle Medals in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has a few currencies for you to use. Gil is the free in-game currency you earn by playing matches and completing challenges. Shinra Credits is the premium currency you must buy with real-world cash. You can also pick up Shinra Pack Tickets that allow you to purchase Shinra Packs of cosmetics. Finally, we have Moogle Medals, which can only be used in Mog’s Trading Post. This guide covers how to get Moogle Medals so you know how to get the currency you can spend on Mog’s cosmetics. 

Purchase Shinra Packs

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The only way to get Moogle Medals that we’ve found is by getting duplicate items in Shinra Packs. This won’t happen for a while if you’ve not purchased many Shinra Packs in the game so far. Every Shinra Pack provides you with three cosmetics for weapons, characters, or vehicles. If you get any duplicates, the skin is converted into Moogle Medals.

However, the number of Moogle Medals you get for skin is relatively small. For example, we only got roughly 30 Moogle Medals for rare skin. If you want to earn Moogle Medals fast, you can buy Shinra Packs with Shinra Credits, but we recommend using Shinra Pack Tickets because you can earn them in-game for free. However, this is still a helpful mechanic in the game that avoids you wasting money through duplicate skins.