How to Get More Educated Workers in Cities: Skylines 2

Looking to make your city thrive in Cities: Skylines 2? Here is how to get more educated workers in your city and help boost your economy.

Cities Skylines 2 High School

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In order for your metropolis to thrive in Cities: Skylines 2 you will need to fulfill the requirements of the diverse zones you set out. As you progress and level up your city, you will start to notice that additional buildings and businesses demand more educated workers.

If you do not have workers with the proper education level living in your town, you risk businesses going under and buildings ending up abandoned. Educated Cims also allows to you upgrade your buildings and make improvements in your city as time goes on. There are numerous facilities that you can construct to help educate your population in Cities: Skylines 2, and each one provides different benefits.

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How to Make Educated Workers in Cities: Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 School
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If you are getting the Not Enough Educated Workers notification in Cities: Skylines 2 then you’ll need to start teaching more people in your city. My best recommendation is for you to take a look at the Education & Research section on the HUD game bar. This is where you can construct various buildings that will make the education level of your population rise.

From this menu, you have the option to place facilities like an elementary school, high school, college, university, library, and more. These buildings will become available as you progress through Milestones in Cities: Skylines 2 and increase your population. If you have the correct learning facilities, you will eventually get more educated workers that can help boost your economy – otherwise, you’ll be stuck looking for different ways to make money, such as exporting resources.

All Levels of Education in Cities: Skylines 2

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The Education & Research menu is also a great way to get an overview of the Education Distribution in your city and see which districts require more learning facilities. I access this menu and then zoom all the way out to easily see any sections I’ve missed across the map. There are five levels of education your citizens can have in Cities: Skylines 2, and some of these education requirements will start to be needed for workers at various businesses around town. 

  • Uneducated: Uneducated citizens have no level of education and have not been to school.
  • Poorly Educated: Poorly Educated Cims are going to school, but have not completed any education.
  • Educated: Educated citizens have graduated from elementary school. The elementary school is unlocked at the Little Hamlet milestone.
  • Well-Educated: Well-Educated Cims have graduated from high school. The high school becomes available at the Tiny Town milestone
  • Highly Educated: These are Cims who have gone to university. The university is available after the Big Town milestone, but players may not have met the requirements to place it right away.

Education levels will build slowly at first in your city because only uneducated Cims will have moved to the town. For here, Cims can only attend school if they are in the correct life stage for it. This means that children attend elementary school, teens go to college, and university is attended by those students after college. City-wide education will continue to build slowly as new children are born in your city and begin to attend school.

Students cannot work, and therefore are unavailable to take jobs while still in school. Learning facilities must also be placed within your city in order for Cims to attend. If the Education Boost policy is activated, young adult Cims will automatically go to university before seeking a job. However, this policy will increase your education budget, and I suggest you keep an eye on it if you’re running low on money.

There is not much you can do once you have all of these learning facilities in place. You must simply sit back and let time take its course. If you don’t want to wait too long, then I would recommend you take a look at the time speed settings and increase this to make the game move faster. Eventually, the educated population of your town will rise as long as you have enough schools to teach people.

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If you just let the game take its course everything will work itself out in time. Soon, your Cims will be thriving and your city will be full of beautiful upgraded buildings, staffed by an educated populace born within the city limits. Under your benevolent guidance, the sky is the limit!