How to get more Max Mushrooms and farm them in Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor

Make room for more Max Mushrooms.

Max Mushrooms are the hot new item in Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s expansion pack, The Isle of Armor DLC. With these beauties, you can use them to unlock additional Gigantamax forms for select Pokémon in your roster by creating Max Soup. You unlock access to Max Soup by completing the second trial in The Isle of Armor’s story mode. You can return to the kitchen to speak with the Dojo trainer who will make you Max Soup, but you need three Max Mushrooms.

After you receive your first cluster of Max Mushrooms, you need to work on gathering up more. The only way we’ve discovered how to do this so far is by completing the max raid dens that are available on The Isle of Armor. After you finish a max raid battle, you will have to wander around the area to locate Max Mushrooms. You can find them in caves and forests on the island.

The Max Mushrooms will look a little bit the ones you first discovered during the second trial, but they are slightly smaller. Regardless, they are not a sparkling dot or a PokéBall on the ground. The Max Mushrooms are a fungus you can interact with when you approach it.

Once you pick up those Max Mushrooms, you will need to do another raid battle for a chance of another set of mushrooms to spawn somewhere on the island. It’s a continual process and includes a lot of repetition. To receive more max raid battles, you have to complete all of them to have another set respawn on The Isle of Armor, much like they do in the traditional Sword and Shield Wild Area back on the mainland of Galar.

You can return to the Master Dojo whenever you have enough Max Mushrooms to unlock another eligible Pokémon’s Gigantamax form.