How to get more Personas in Persona 5 Strikers

A lot of different options.

Image by Gamepur

There are plenty of Personas to choose from in Persona 5 Strikers, and having the right ones equipped is an important part of the combat system. The good news is that you can instantly change them in the Persona menu, even in the heat of battle.

To get more Personas, you need to defeat enemies. By defeating Shadows that are showing their true form, Joker can turn them into masks, taking their power for himself. If you see that a mask has dropped, be sure to pick it up to gain a new Persona. You can then go into the Persona menu and equip it if you wish.

Personas will drop throughout the course of the entire game, so don’t expect to get them all too early.

Persona Fusion

You can fuse Personas together in the Velvet Room to make them more powerful. Make sure you register them first, so that you can resummon them later if you need them.

You will get access to the Velvet Room as you play through the game, and it will also allow you to level up your Personas and make them more effective in combat.

To perform Fusions, you will need to use Personas as the base materials, and you will also need Persona Points that are earned when you initially find the Personas. Personas may also need to be certain level in order to be used in particular fusions.

We are currently building a full database on Persona fusion recipes, all the different Personas, and their stats.