How to get MVP kills in Ragnarok Origin

Hoping to strike it rich by boss slaying, but not quite sure how to get started? We got you covered with our MVP guide!

MVP Screen

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’ve been playing Ragnarok Origin and keeping an eye on the chatbox, you’ve probably noticed every couple of hours people spamming chat with “lfp angeling” or “lfm gtb”. These are referring to rare bosses that spawn on the overworld every few hours, also known as MVPs. MVPs are very difficult creatures, requiring quite literally the max number of players a server can have to take down in some cases. However, MVPs reward plenty of good prizes up to 5 times a day, and are a very good source of income if you’re lucky. Here’s how to get started MVP hunting.

First and foremost, MVPs and their spawn times can be found by accessing the “Events” tab of your UI, and scrolling to the MVP section. They are listed from lowest level to highest, but make no mistake — even Angeling can cause problems if you’re a higher level. Second, once it approaches the spawn time, you will want to navigate to the appropriate map, as there is a limit on how many players can access the map before being sent to a separate server.

Once you’re on the right map, try to join a Party. In addition to party buffs, if you have a Priest, they can heal and resurrect you a lot easier. Once the timer ticks down to 0, a notice in chat will be broadcast, stating that whatever MVP you are hunting has spawned. Now, you must search the entire map to find the MVP. Once you find it, it’s in your best interest to share the info with other players, so that they can help you take it down — unless you are confident in slaying it with your team.

All players who contributed to a kill will get rewarded accordingly, with special bonuses paid out to whoever deals the final blow. These rewards can range from Zeny Pouches to Headgear Materials. The actual prize, however, comes from being in a party that secures the kill. As players hit the MVP, an internal value is tallied among all teams participating — this tally includes first strike, final blow, damage dealt, damage taken, and damage healed. The team with the highest value will receive the “First Kill” bonus, which can include rewards such as a Headgear Blueprint — or more importantly, the MVP Card, an extremely valuable card that quite literally is a game changer depending on the specific MVP.